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Professional and Personal Growth: Scott Bell, World Trade Association of Utah Secretary

Written by: Maria Crago on June 28, 2021

In a recent interview, WTA of Utah’s Secretary, Scott Bell, shared insight on both personal growth and the future of Utah’s professional development. Bell began with a local data entry company in high school, growing from just 40 employees to 88,000 employees and generating $6 billion in annual revenue over the next several years. As part of this exponential growth, Bell began traveling the world, setting up operations in over 20 countries, some of which have generated over $100 million annually. Bell spent a year in Texas and 15 years in Kentucky and after the business was sold to Xerox, he moved back to Utah where he became COO of Focus Services and Vanderhall Motor Works. Bell is now a consultant for companies around the United States, but has his eye on future professional developments.

His “role as Secretary is to...help keep [WTA] moving and support the President and Vice President, so the organization can continue to move forward.” As an executive board member of WTA of Utah, Bell has experienced the benefits and potential of being a part of the organization. After moving away from Utah for 16 years, joining WTA was “a great opportunity for me to reconnect with a lot of the Utah businesses and leaders and help them grow their businesses.” Moving forward, “I'm looking forward to participating in even more events as we have more opportunities with the different connections that board members have.”

When asked about his future, Bell shares that he is “excited about the Utah business environment and is looking at a few different options to participate in the growth Utah businesses are enjoying. I would also be happy to mentor someone that is trying to grow their business...I’ve worked for and with several different companies.” 

In addition to Bell’s own career goals and achievements, he shares that Utah is exhibiting similar growth. He shares that “I have a lot of faith in Utah businesses. Utah business is where I started, with this little company that had only 40 employees and through hard work, determination and some smart business decisions, we had tremendous growth! I have a lot of faith that businesses, if they’re run correctly, can really grow and be rewarded, not only for the owners of the companies but also the employees.” Bell is looking forward to Utah’s future, as “We're seeing…a lot of jobs and [many] new startups and all sorts of exciting things happening and I think it's awesome to be part of that.”

Bell looks at Utah’s business boom through many lenses. With experience as a consultant, COO, and Vice President of several corporations, he sees the potential of many Utah owned tech and solar companies and loves the “Silicon Slopes idea, [which] is a fantastic one.” As an experienced professional, he recognizes that not every startup will succeed; however, “a lot of them will…Utah is a very business friendly state so I think you'll continue to see more and more businesses starting, moving, and growing here in Utah because of the environment. We have a lot of skilled labor so the workforce is strong.”

WTA of Utah is honored to have Scott Bell on board as an executive member. We are dedicated to creating a strong network of professionals across the state of Utah for international trade, while supporting Utah’s business boom. If you would like more information on upcoming events and join a growing network of distinguished individuals, become a member today. Events and updates are also posted on our LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Copyright © 2021 World Trade Association of Utah