From a small mining town in Peru to leader of a highly respected multi-national company based here in Utah, Ed Macha knows how to make a dream become reality. Working for a Murray-based engineering company at the age of 28 he started Reliable Controls with a focus primarily on the mining industry. “I didn’t see a career path with the company I was with, so I left to develop my own dream of an all-inclusive company focused on technology and youth.” Reliable Controls has since expanded into other energy sources such as natural gas and established deep roots throughout the world, especially within the Americas.

Reliable Controls brings 20 plus years of expertise to the automation, commissioning, and optimization industry. With over 500 completed projects in 16 different countries, they are a proven partner for any company looking to modernize, improve and super-charge their industrial capabilities. Macha likens the work they do to a military operation, “We help you create a plan and execute it to the highest standard. Our footprint spans from Alaska to Patagonia, and we can be on the ground, ready with our tools, equipment and expertise anywhere in the Americas within a week.”

One of the pillars of the success Reliable Controls has enjoyed is a focus on education. “I believe very strongly that youth are our future, and that sustainable energy is the future of mankind.” Macha carries on the family legacy in Education. His grandfather was a director of Education in Peru and his mother also comes from education.  “Our people are the key. Intellectual capital is what gives Reliable Controls an edge over the competition. Therefore, we recruit, develop, mentor, and train the best professionals from every corner of the world. By providing the best talent, processes, and methods available anywhere, we will help you meet your project's goals.” In 2007 Macha noticed a need for electrical engineers so Reliable Controls partnered with Dr. Marc Bodson and the University of Utah to develop a power distribution program. They have since helped hundreds of students by sponsoring internships and assisting with senior projects.

Talent is one of Reliable Controls biggest assets and one of its biggest challenges. “Finding talent that is interested in our industry is one of the biggest challenges we face in the future. Everyone wants to program and work for Google, but we have exciting, critical work to offer in our industry as well.” Utah has been a great source of this talent so far, both from the education ranks and from the professional ranks. Macha attributes his partnership and involvement with the WTA as “key in getting knowledge and support…If I have a question, I can find somebody that has an answer.” The WTA has also offered an excellent opportunity to listen to and learn from dignitaries from various countries. “It has been essential in understanding their needs and understanding how trade is essential and how it can be improved upon.”

With a focus on sustainable development from teams of trustworthy partners, the future of Reliable Controls and the renewable energy industry are bright. To read about and meet more inspiring business leaders, please visit our blog and become a member. Event updates are posted on our LinkedIn and Twitter.

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